Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Centenarian - A person that lives passed the age of 100

Lately, my friends and i have been talking about how Chinese and Japanese people live passed 100 years old. **Cool fact about Japanese people is their diet wich is Mainly low in refined simple carbohydrates and their hygienic practices keep them alive for a long time. Crazy thing is Japan comes in second place to the united state on the most centanarians in 2010!
A topic that always seems to be up for conversation; hearing other say " YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!" Well they are right and you should indulge and enjoy food, but in moderation. I believe that when you understand the importants and joy that comes from moderation (in food or anyother part of your life), you can live more comfortably in your own skin. Growing up in a Spanish household had us living in many bad but very delicious eating habits. I would stuff my face every time and always feel uncomfortable afterwards. Food is a wonderful thing that should be an event every time you eat. Heck! Thanksgiving is Worship food holiday for me! But Ask yourself this, overtime the food starts to take an effect on your body because foreign unnatural substance are living in me that shouldn't be. After ignoring your bodies needs over time can end up in horrible result such as disease and pain. Your body will over time come to a point where it wont feel good while trying to function properly. Thats not LIVING at all. Pay attention to your bodies need NOW so that later on you can live a long life feeling great! Take it one step at a time and do things on your pace!

Everyday is a new chance to turn your life around!

I strive to see 100 Strong! All i hope for is health and happiness within me and around me. I hope to accomplish many ways to inspire others to follow. <3

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