Saturday, April 23, 2011

Earth Day!

My big green sweater and some green eye shadow, Check!
Started off the day late didn't allow me to go to other events in NYC (although i was hoping to). I decided to go to Tomkin Square Park "Rock Against Poverty" Concert because it was the park i grew up in and my old neighbored in the East Village.
While i was sitting there listening to the bands play, I spotted Shanan (Incredible Carpenter/friend of the family and someone who saw me grow up) walking by with his son James. I hailed them over and had a cool little chat with them. It was cool because I never really spoke to James before although playing as babies was the only interaction we really had with each other. He looked so grown with so much hair on his face! We had a awesome conversation and plan to have drinks one day. I love reconnecting! After wards i webnt to the handball courts to see my Uncle Boobie play Handball. I was so under dressed i couldn't stand being outside anymore! I did get a chance to give him a sample of my deep hair moisturizing treatment for him and his wife :).
Tomkin Square Park

Marybeth (shanas Ex wife & James's mom) is the most loveliest woman. In 1st grade my class went out to the local Community Garden to learn about Gardening. Marybeth showed me a bunch of different flowers and even let me eat some! That was my 1st ever introduction to natural. Later on in life when i was 20 years old i became a member of this garden and had my own plot! Good times.

Empire state building

Later on that night I decided to come back out to hang being that it was friday night and all. It was fun because this weekend Che (Brother in law) was visiting and i went to pick him up from Penn station and along the way i noticed that New York was definitely repping Earth Day!

***I just wanted to shout out my mother in law for making such an amazing plate of homemade fetachini and setting the sharing rules down. I got to eat half! lol <3

Engage in your Community!!!

100 ways to help your planet!

Get involved! Volunteer!

My favorite Farmers Market!

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