Thursday, March 24, 2011


This morning was the 1st time i made Breakfast & Tea for me and my love. I miss cooking <3

Garlic Avocado mixed with Chopped yellow bell peppers topped with some baby spinach leaves snuggled in between two pieces of whole wheat toast. Yummy!

I just love avocado so much. I got this idea from a lunch i had with a friend @ MUD Cafe in NYC. The Garlic Avocado was the highlight of the dish. Creamy plus Garlic! Man that a match mad in heaven to me :D.

For a wonderful light side dish, i decided to make a garden salad. It was small and delicious.

Arugala leaves, Grape tomatoes, Yellow bell peppers with mushrooms lightly tossed in Spanish Extra Virgin olive oil and a dash of sea salt. Perfect.

The Taste that arugala has is outstanding in a salad. Its a world of flavor. One of my very favorite leaves for salad.

I think ill make it a habit to make some food a few times a week. Gives my hubby a chance to rest and brings my spirits back up just being in the place i love the most.

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