Friday, March 25, 2011

Eat together

The only things thats better then food is eating with company.

In my house, we enjoy eating together. Sitting down on the floor or bed and indulging in the delicious meal we just made is all we need.
Above, I did made a simple yet flavorful mediterranean meal.
Steamed Broccoli, Red kidney beans, lightly sauteed red unions With a side of crunchy pita bread. Usually we fill the pita bread with all the sides dishes. Easy and delicious!

Brunch! Eggs Benedict without any meat!
This is by far my favorite dish to make. I cant get enough of the poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. Its to die for. Although i cut out Dairy for the most part, i do like to indulge when i can. Nothing says indulge more then eggs Benedict, especially due to the high cholesterol content in egg yolk.
My eggs Benedict was a tad different because it has no meat! :0)
One Mini roll cut in half. On top lay two perfectly Poached eggs, dressed with hollandaise sauce and a few chops of green onion sprinkled over. On the side for nutriants are a bed of baby spinach topped with Cubed avocado and mushrooms.

*White Mushrooms are antiviral and shiitake mushrooms are anti cancerous!

Why eat spinach? The nutritional benefits are enormous! Just a cup of spinach contains a little under 7 calories, almost a gram of fiber, and high levels of vitamins A and C. Spinach is an excellent source of antioxidants, which produce wonderful anti-cancer benefits. It has four times the beta carotene of broccoli. Spinach is also an excellent source of folate - an ounce contains nearly 25% of our daily requirement. And, it protects against age-related macular degeneration, a serious eye disease affecting older people. Eat up!

Organic orange <3

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  1. awesome Crystal.
    I love how you have that in your home where the food and eatting becomes a celebration instead of just what others believe is just something you have to sit down and do like the laundry everyday. Food should be a celebration and it should be something special and enjoyable for us all. Fantastic blog hon. Hugs. Lesli~