Friday, March 25, 2011

Eat together

The only things thats better then food is eating with company.

In my house, we enjoy eating together. Sitting down on the floor or bed and indulging in the delicious meal we just made is all we need.
Above, I did made a simple yet flavorful mediterranean meal.
Steamed Broccoli, Red kidney beans, lightly sauteed red unions With a side of crunchy pita bread. Usually we fill the pita bread with all the sides dishes. Easy and delicious!

Brunch! Eggs Benedict without any meat!
This is by far my favorite dish to make. I cant get enough of the poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. Its to die for. Although i cut out Dairy for the most part, i do like to indulge when i can. Nothing says indulge more then eggs Benedict, especially due to the high cholesterol content in egg yolk.
My eggs Benedict was a tad different because it has no meat! :0)
One Mini roll cut in half. On top lay two perfectly Poached eggs, dressed with hollandaise sauce and a few chops of green onion sprinkled over. On the side for nutriants are a bed of baby spinach topped with Cubed avocado and mushrooms.

*White Mushrooms are antiviral and shiitake mushrooms are anti cancerous!

Why eat spinach? The nutritional benefits are enormous! Just a cup of spinach contains a little under 7 calories, almost a gram of fiber, and high levels of vitamins A and C. Spinach is an excellent source of antioxidants, which produce wonderful anti-cancer benefits. It has four times the beta carotene of broccoli. Spinach is also an excellent source of folate - an ounce contains nearly 25% of our daily requirement. And, it protects against age-related macular degeneration, a serious eye disease affecting older people. Eat up!

Organic orange <3

Thursday, March 24, 2011


This morning was the 1st time i made Breakfast & Tea for me and my love. I miss cooking <3

Garlic Avocado mixed with Chopped yellow bell peppers topped with some baby spinach leaves snuggled in between two pieces of whole wheat toast. Yummy!

I just love avocado so much. I got this idea from a lunch i had with a friend @ MUD Cafe in NYC. The Garlic Avocado was the highlight of the dish. Creamy plus Garlic! Man that a match mad in heaven to me :D.

For a wonderful light side dish, i decided to make a garden salad. It was small and delicious.

Arugala leaves, Grape tomatoes, Yellow bell peppers with mushrooms lightly tossed in Spanish Extra Virgin olive oil and a dash of sea salt. Perfect.

The Taste that arugala has is outstanding in a salad. Its a world of flavor. One of my very favorite leaves for salad.

I think ill make it a habit to make some food a few times a week. Gives my hubby a chance to rest and brings my spirits back up just being in the place i love the most.

I got so exited, i Made blog...

On my half way journey through the healing process of my cracked bone, i sit and heal. I've been fortunate enough to drink teas, foods and drinks that help strengthen my muscles and bone.
Today i woke up happy. It felt like it was going to be anther good day, lying here in my bed with books full of information. For the passed weeks the only thing Ive been able to do, that keeps me content and focused is reading. Ive gained a heck of alot more information on herb then before because its all i do now. One of my favorite books was a gift i got from my mother in-law for Christmas, "Herb Bible". This book is based on chapters that give you the tools to do it all yourself! Create your own herbal medicine cabinet without having to be an expert on herbs. It also gives you a tiny bit of history and description on how to use an herb, the proper amount. When my faïence came in the room and told me "I have a surprise for you today", uncontrollably, i smile because he is always so adorable and i love surprises. As i write this, he is on his way with my new prised possession, "Proscription for natural healing"! I am super excited about this book. I always go to Barned and Nobles to study from it and now its coming home to me! I'm really excited about it. So far i got to a few of the most important elements for nutrition; carbohydrates, Protein, fats and fibers. Leaning things from this book is great because it gives such detail with minimal amount of words. Its to the point and that for me keeps it fun.
What a great surprise!!!